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Berty the 4-H Steer

July 16th, 2019

James has been doing a fantastic job raising his 4-H steer, Berty Jr, this year. On July 10th, he weighed in at 1465lbs.

We are looking forward to seeing how he grows over the next several weeks towards to the 4-H fair and are hoping James will be a strong competitor!

Berty is being fed some of our own home grown feed. We have been giving him our own rolled barley and rolled oats. The best thing about Berty is that he hasn't been fattened up with any sort of high sugar feed, just nutritional foods. This means he has had no molasses whatsoever! On top of this, James has been walking Berty every day, if he can help it, ensuring he is fit and healthy.

We pride ourselves on the health of our animals. A low sugar healthy diet and exercise has come a long to making Berty such a nice looking steer.

4-H Steer

A big thank you to the Beaverly 4-H club for teaching the youth in our area about sustainable, cruelty-free farming practices.

Would you like to buy Berty, the 4-H steer, in August? Get in touch with us through the contact form on our website, the Perry Ranch BC Facebook Page, or by giving us a call!