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P. H. Perry & Son's Ranch

About Us

The Perry family have been farmers for generations. Originally, the Perry's farmed throughout different regions in the United Kingdom. Farmers have a lot less land to work with in the U.K., and so over the years they have adapted their chemistry and increasingly adopted the use of newer technology to provide the highest possible return of produce from the land. Since then, we have moved away from the U.K. and brought these similar practices to British Columbia, Canada.

Not so long ago

On the right is a photo of Philip Perry and his father, Harry Perry. We believe this photo was taken in 1967. During this time, the Perry family would have used a conventional small-baler and picked up each and every hay and straw bale by hand. Some years our father, Philip Perry, would have personally shifted 20,000 bales by hand off the field and into the shed. Later, the system evolved to use a flat-eight-system to make the entire process more efficient.
Where this picture takes place is the farm at which all four sons today, Chris, Nick, Harry, and James, grew up.

Technology has since become much more involved in our operations, yet we continue to appreciate the hard work that went into running a farm on a daily basis long before Philip and his father, Harry Perry, that has allowed us to be where we are today.

P. H. Perry & Sons Today

Today, the Perry farm is just twenty minutes out from Prince George, British Columbia. Our main operations over these few years in Canada have been hay, oats, barley, straw, cattle, pigs, and custom farming work. In the coming years, we look to expand our crop variety to also include wheat and field beans. The more extreme and rapidly changing weather was different to what we were accustomed to and we needed to adapt our operations to maintain efficiency and make up for lost time during the colder winter months. Today, we have found ourselves to be more productive than ever, ensuring we get as much work done in the critical warmer months as possible.

We believe that Prince George's farming sector will continue to grow in the coming years and we are proud to be a part of it and to contribute to British Columbia's economy.