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Plowing in British Columbia

Plowing in British Columbia

May 2, 2019

We have started our first custom farmwork job of the season. This involved plowing, discing, harrowing, and planting some land south of Prince George. The ground there was slightly further ahead than ours, allowing us to get started before our ground was ready.

A lot of people are often impressed in BC when they see our plow in action, often asking if it does a better job than breaking discs. The answer is yes! Our heavy breaking discs do a truly fantastic job; however, on good ground with few rocks or other foreign objects, a plow will work wonders on making a huge difference for your crops. Fields of our own that have been plowed look unrecognisable to previous years. Pictures to follow-up soon!

This video below shows some aerial footage we caught of our New Holland T7.250 and Kuhn plow making some swift work of the same fields. Our aim is to make these fields significantly more productive for the farmer over the coming seasons.