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Land Rolling Service

Our land roller has a grass seeder attached, allowing us to seed cultivated land. Land rolling is a great way to retain moisture when dry, arid weather is expected. It also smooths and evens out fields, making it much easier for tractors to operate on.

It is easy to travel with our roller, as it also has large wheels, making to towable behind the tractor on the road. Although it is heavy, it is not hard to pull. Typically, we use our New Holland T7.250 or our John Deere 6155M. We have previously thought about using an old cabless international tractor to pull it; however, whether the tractor is capable of pulling it up steeper hills is doubtful.

At the moment, we have a picture here of our John Deere 6155M, but we will upload a picture of the land roller soon.

John Deere 6155M