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Rain Hay Season

Rain, Rain, Go Away

July 5th, 2019

Many people have been wondering as to when we will start hay-making. With the June/July weather just not going our way, it may not be anytime too soon. Here is the process explained...

We take great pride in producing top quality hay and we try to ensure that every bale is just as nice as the last. What we need to ensure a great quality hay is a solid period of sun. The steps we typically go through are as follows;

1. Get that grass mowed! As soon as the weather forecast predicts a couple weeks of sun, it's go time. We need to get that hay mowed as soon as possible.

2. Get the rake in there! Our rake does one hell of a job. We quickly spread out the hay to allow for an even drying and then as soon as we get the hay dry, we use the rake once more to put it all into nice even rows.

3. The baler. Our New Holland BigBaler 340 really motors along. Our biggest hurdle is trying to keep in front of the baler without being caught up. For our own hay, we prefer big squares to rounds because we don't have to stop to let the bale out and having squares forces you to bring it into the shed as soon as possible. It always makes us disappointed to see other farmers leaving their bales out in the rain for weeks on end.

Big Square Baler Hay Making

For those eager to get their hay bought nice and early, please remain patient with us! As soon as we get the good weather, we will be hay making as much as we possibly can, and you know what that means - Long and gruelling days for us...