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Mowing Tandem

We having officially started hay making

August 5th, 2019

It has been a rough year for farmers in 2019 so far when it comes to hay making. All this rain has really delayed the hay making season. With that being said, however, the rain has been fantastic for our oats, barley, and wheat, so you can't have it all.

The weather channels have said that the jet stream is now shifting away from Prince George, meaning that we can finally have some nice and consistent weather headed our way. With the small window of opportunity that we have had this week, we have started our first hay making job of the year. This job is East of Prince George and we took the opportunity to show both of our mowers in tandem. You can see the footage below here:

We have a lot to accomplish this year regarding haying but because the weather has pushed us so far back, everyone's hay will be ready all at once! If you would like your fields mowed, raked, and baled, get in touch with us! If you're looking for small square bales, we are taking orders now, as we only make small squares on request.

A big thank you goes out to Ron, Pete, and Tony Tiani for allowing us to film our work.