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Prince George Hay For Sale

$125 Horse Hay | $75 Cow Hay

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Hay for sale


Our hay is mostly made up from timothy. We take great care when making hay, spreading it twice with our rake to ensure it dries out evenly after being cut. We mostly make large square bales, but we also make small square hay bales on request. In the event of bad weather, we do everything we can to ensure the hay is not rained on by bringing it into the shed as soon as possible. It is rare you will ever see our bales sitting in the fields for more than a couple of days. We take great pride in ensuring the bales are not rained on.

All of our hay is in the shed for this year. If you have specific needs for your animals, you are welcome to inspect and choose which bales you take.

We do offer a delivery service also. The prices for delivery varies based on the distance we need to travel, we typically quote a fixed fee. Until we have our combining finished, we will not be able to make any deliveries because we are incredibly busy with silage and haylage making as well as harvesting.