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Fertiliser Spinner

Fertiliser Spreading

September 13th, 2019

We have been insanely busy this year. We are about six weeks late on hay making and silage making due to the weather.

With a small window here and there, we started working and reseeding the land at our farm. We first disced it all with our heavy breaking discs on the Challenger twice. After that we used the power harrow to make for a nice smooth and light base for which our drill can penetrate easily. Because our New Holland has been so busy, we put the Challenger on the Pottinger drill. That's a little over kill, I know. The main thing here though is now we have finished seeding our farm and have been spreading fertiliser. You can see the footage below here:

The Amazone fertiliser Spreader is a beast. the specially engineered discs can throw the fertiliser 36 meters, that's 118 feet! Because of this, Chris was able to finish that field in around 30 minutes - Something we never could have done otherwise.