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Farmers have struggled with the weather in 2019

November 4th, 2019

This has been one of the wettest summers we can recently remember. It seems that we had our dry spell early in the year when we were planting. Back then it was a dust bowl and we all probably prayed a little too much for the rain to come.

Hay making

Anyone involved with any hay making in BC knows all too well just how bad some of the hay has been this year. There was the 'early window' and the 'late window', and we were lucky enough to have chosen the late window. Unfortunately, many who had the early window could not get all their hay in the dry in time, forcing them to accept less money for their produce. Farmers scrambled to buy bale wrappers and plastic wrap so, of course, there was a premium on them both. All in all, the majority of farmers got a good crop and now have it stored in the dry or ready to feed their animals. It wasn't a total disaster afterall.

Harvesting grain and straw

Grain harvesting was a little more successful than the hay. All that rain made for some nice grain in the end but it was only by the skin on your teeth that it was matured and dry enough to combine. Against all the odds, there was a couple windows that allowed some farmers to get in all their grain as well as straw. Fortunately, the straw dried up just in time to bale it and get it in the sheds before the winter came into full swing.

What next?

As farmers, we need a good season next year. In 2017 and in 2018 we had forest fires but in 2019 we had a very wet season. So, let's keep our fingers crossed for a good all-round season in 2020.