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Kverneland Bale Wrapper

Bale Wrapping

September 21st, 2019

We have been generating a lot of interest in bale wrapping. Many people did not know just how advamced some farm machinery actually is. From specially engineered discs on our Amazone fertiliser spreader to our Kverneland Bale Wrapper, we are constantly trying to push ourselves to be more efficient through technology.

So, why the Kverneland?

Growing up with a lot of European machinery, we have often favoured the advanced technology for farmers looking to get the most our of their land. This bale wrapper can wrap bales on the move, giving us a huge advantage. There are, however, several other ways to wrap bales which do not allow for this. The only snag for us if you are using a cheaper and lower quality wrap because these thin plastics tend to rip just as when you don't want them to. For anyone else looking for bale wrap for a machine similar to ours, definitly stick to your reputable high-quality brands.

Wrapping each bale costs around $5 per bale; however, this does not take into account the diesel, machinery depreciation, or hours taken to complete a job.

Here we have put together footage of us in action with the Kverneland bale wrapper:

As for our progress, we are being held back by the bad weather here in central BC. As soon as we get a dry spell we are getting as much done as possible. We still have the several hundred acres to do at Boundary Road, so stay tuned!